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Fountain Restoration

Fountains are beautiful but complex systems whose preservation presents daunting and often contradictory challenges.


 The play of water over sculptured forms is compelling, with its charming plays of light and sound and cooling spray but these same features threaten a fountain's stability. A panoramic view across the Kansas city’s landscape provides a mystifying enchantment when a closer look is taken among the architecture. An undeniable reason appears for the seer to pause and marvel in delight as fountains flow, providing magic for all.


An iconic and integral part of  Kansas City’s past, present and future is fountains. The ‘City of Fountains‘ is a name aptly bestowed upon our municipality. In 1899, the very first city-built fountain in Kansas City cost $12,000. The only city in the world to have more registered fountains is Rome, Italy.


Balancing a fountain's material preservation with its operation and water conditioning needs is very complex. The Masons Co works with structural and mechanical engineers, architects, owners and maintenance crews to treat deterioration and devise long term effective strageties to maintain and preserve fountains in parks, major buildings and private residences.

Offers masonry repair, concrete repair, waterproofing and historical restoration in the Midwest and Kansas City areas.
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