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The old homes in Brookside and elsewhere in Kansas City are beautiful, but they are built on a delicate stone . Hundreds of people, maybe more, are considering or have already considered the different options when it comes to dealing with their crumbling home foundations.Stone: Stone, the oldest form of stone was commonly installed in the early construction of Kansas City until the 1940'We're proud to offer effective and traditional methods. for preservation of limestone  


There are some common problems that you might find with the brick and masonry in your Kansas City home or business. It is smart to watch for the following signs as they may be a sign of a larger foundation problem:

  • Vertical Corner Cracks: These cracks occur when there is drying or shrinkage in the soil around your home or business.

  • Bulging of Brick or Masonry Walls: This can be caused by corrosion of the shelf angle. They can also be caused by excessive rainwater coming down the sides of the home, and over saturation of the ground around the wall.

  • Step Cracks: In most cases, this occurs due to settlement or deflections. If the support for walls settles or is deflected, the brick and masonry will follow suit.

  • Compaction: When settling or sinking of your foundation occurs it will cause bricks to compact down on each other.

BRICK & MASONRY REPAIR  Repair in Kansas City from THE MASONS CO  Repair Fix  & Wall Cracks. 


If you have water in your basement or standing water in your yard, this is a sign that you have a water drainage issue. If drainage problems are ignored, water will build up around your foundation, causing major foundation problems. Let the professionals at the Masons co inspect your home and offer you the best basement waterproofing solution that fits your needs.

Homes with drainage problems and water build up around the foundation will show the following signs:

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